Saturday, November 22, 2014

When Passion Meets Principle

Would your list of TV show favorites surprise any of the people who know you? There’s a host of shows I watch that fall outside my family’s viewing habits. At our house, you might hear someone shout, “Not Mommy TV! Grab it!” at our house. That would be the kids struggling to get the remote control before I do.

 Any title with ‘extreme’ in it usually grabs my attention. Several of my preferred TV shows highlight extraordinary situations. One of the shows I watch demonstrates how the budget-conscious live. Ignoring puzzled stares from strangers, these thrifty characters save money in the most outrageous ways. In one episode, a lady asked a baker to assemble several unsold pieces of cake. Once the baker refrosted the mass of cake, the customer negotiated and bought the dessert at a huge discount. Here’s another extreme situation:           

It takes creativity to concoct those kinds of strategies. If the guy put his ideas in a book, I’m sure it would sell well.  Clearly, when passion meets principle people do interesting things.

What things do you do that would puzzle the average person? 

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