Saturday, May 18, 2013

Unfurling Dreams

Imagine that you have a passion for singing. Perhaps you sing in the shower or while driving, but you probably wouldn’t belt out your tunes on an airplane. If you follow the news, you’ve probably heard about the lady who did. Many passengers and the flight crew didn’t appreciate the woman’s performance. It sounded like several problems occurred—the volume at which she sang and the fact that she wouldn’t stop singing when asked didn’t help her situation. A judge on American Idol would have told her, “It was a little pitchy, dog, and maybe not the best song to highlight your talent.” If that was one of the woman’s favorite songs and she loved singing—isn’t it hard to bury your passion?

I hope the singing lady’s dreams weren’t dashed and deferred. She may have anticipated a standing ovation, instead only two people stood up—the songstress (leaving in cuffs) and the federal air marshal(escorting her away). Later, the woman said that diabetes caused her to act inappropriately, but I still believe she loves to sing. Like in the golfing video, (I haven’t seen the whole movie) who practices golf in the dark? Sometimes you can’t let location deter your passion.  What’s your passion and are you unfurling it or burying it?

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