Friday, May 24, 2013

Inside the Greenhouse

I’m living in a greenhouse. Well, maybe not an actual greenhouse, but when I look at our sunniest windows, plant and flowers dominate the sill. I see an orchid, a cactus, an amaryllis, corn, a cup of dirt, and a geranium. If the list seems odd, I can explain. The corn and cup of dirt are kid projects. The rest of the plants belong either on the window sill or they’re waiting for a permanent  home outside in our flower bed. We expect house plants to sit on window sills and innocently soak up the sun’s rays, but I'm intrigued by the usual plants. Take a look at a plant that soaks up more than sunrays:


 It’s hard to tell if we just saw a plant video, a horror video or both. I say both!  As you can see, the pitcher plant looks harmless, but it is not your average garden plant—it eats meat, for goodness sake! What about you? What do you wish people would see beyond when they look at you, and what do you want them to know and understand about you?  


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