Friday, May 31, 2013

Three Little Words

Three little words, when spoken by a female, can strike fear in the heart of her male companion. During the first stage of fear, the male will exhibit a vacant stare. He wants to be somewhere else, anywhere that’s not within hearing distance of those three little words. These next three “words”  may shock you because they should not be coming from this mouth:


 How did the dog owners determine that Mishka had human speaking abilities and what will Mishka say next? There’s something about a “talking” dog that makes me uncomfortable. It’s probably the same uncomfortable feeling males get when they hear their female companions say the three little words—hold my purse.   

 Every day we get a barrage of information that makes us feel uncomfortable. We’re flooded with environmental, social, financial and political problems with each news story. Does it feel like we're waiting for someone to say the magic words to fix everything? When you’re in the middle of a situation, what three little words help keep you steady?    

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