Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dissecting Earworms

I bet you have an earworm. It sounds bad, but not really. It’s nothing that will get you a guest appearance on the show “Monsters Inside Me.”  An earworm is the catchy tune that sticks in our heads long after the song has ended. I pick up earworms quite easily. I can hear someone sing or hum a tune and before long I’m humming it, too. It takes me forever to memorize something, but give me the music from an old song I haven’t heard in years and the lyrics come right back to me.  

 There’s something about music and memory that go hand-in-hand. Why is it that we can remember old lyrics, but we forget where we put our sunglasses and keys? Here’s a tip for how to kick that unwanted stuff out of our heads to make room for important things:


We’re set! Now we’ll have room to remember names, faces and where we left our cell phone chargers.  Any information can be transformed into song. What important information could an earworm help you to remember? 

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