Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lions, Tigers and Sweet Tea

Would you eat bear on a plane, on a train? Lions, tigers, bears, horses and squirrels—it’s all the same. What’s the big fuss about eating exotic meats? Earlier this week, I heard the story of a chef who felt adventurous and decided that lion meat tacos could be all the rage, and it is—literally! The chef has received death threats for offering lion meat. One commenter said the menu item was immoral.  What’s the definition of immorality? The dictionary defines it as something that contradicts traditional values. Can we label everything that conflicts with traditional principles as immoral or are we actually talking about culturally based standards? Many traditional and cultural practices vary by geography. See if these people sound immoral:


If we’re going to toss around labels, then we need strong definitions that can withstand cross-cultural scrutiny. If you could edit the dictionary, how would you rewrite the definition for immoral?      

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