Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cage-free Living

Ostrich on the loose! If you follow the news, you’ve probably heard the story about the ostrich that escaped and ran amok through the traffic-filled streets of China. Unfortunately, the big bird was hit twice and caused several additional vehicular accidents. Every few months we hear stories about wild animals escaping from zoos, pens and cages.  When the door opens, why do they run? The obvious answer: animals prefer freedom. What would it mean if the doors opened and creatures stayed put? In some situations, it’s scarier to be outside of a cage than inside. Take a look:

The guys in the video had a choice—swim or stay. When we feel trapped in difficult work, school or family circumstances, we have choices, too. We try to minimize problems with vacations, mood and mind-altering substances, hobbies or exercise, but those choices are usually symptom band-aids instead of a long-term solutions for the primary problem. What helps keep you stress-free regardless of your situation?                


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