Friday, November 2, 2012

The Perfect Gift

Once upon a time (Oct. 2012) an award-winning author, Kathi Macias, published Unexpected Christmas Hero, a book about a homeless war vet who becomes a hero for a fatherless family.  The book’s cover features Willard Parker, an actual homeless man who has a story of his own. Some years back, Mr. Parker lost contact with his family and now he very much wants to see them again. Click here to read more about Mr. Parker’s story, see his picture and possibly grant a Christmas wish by helping unite Mr. Parker with his family.  If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Parker family members, please contact Kathi Macias at   

A family reunion is a wonderful gift.  With the holidays approaching, we’ll all be looking for great gifts. Here’s what some people call the perfect gift:

Perhaps the best gifts are the ones we give rather than receive. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs says that our primary concerns focus on obtaining food, shelter and safety before moving up the ladder to satisfy our need for love, friendship, self-esteem and creativity. Having survived Hurricane Sandy, did you feel yourself living out Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid this week? Considering all that’s happened over the last two weeks, in your opinion, what is the perfect gift?  

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