Saturday, November 17, 2012

Heart Murmurings

I’m convinced it’s not too late for one more election campaign comment. In fact, this post has more to do with the 2016 election than this past one, especially since we’ve heard far too much post-election analysis already. In 2016, who assembles the questions the candidates answer in the debates? I have a question for the list, but you’ll need a little background information first.

Earlier this week, one of our kids had a mini-discovery about words. The comment was, “Tap is pat spelled backwards. This world is kooo-kky!” What!? I don’t know what led to that conclusion, but I can’t argue with it. Kids offer more insight and wisdom than we realize. For instance, let’s consider the past three months of news or just the past three weeks. Was there more kookiness in the news than usual? One of the online newspapers features a regular section on weird news and Anderson Cooper has the RidicuList. Are there that many kooky happenings? Possibly. Listen to this story:

There’s one line in the video that grabbed me. The neighbor said, “It’s ridiculous when you look at it, but….” Focus on what follows the “but” because that’s the meat of the story. It represents the quiet murmurings of the heart where we get to hear a more logical explanation.   
Earlier I mentioned a potential question for the 2016 debates. (Drum roll) The question is: As a nation, are we kookier now than we were four years ago? Watch the candidates squirm with that one. here's toaday's question: Are we kookier now than we were in 2008? Why or why not?        

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