Friday, November 23, 2012

The Real Formula for Going, Doing and Being

Short-cuts are over-rated, especially in this area. What’s the point of taking one or two quick back roads if I’m still late?  Last week, I stopped at the grocery store, headed across town, then traveled forty minutes south—not an easy feat in eight a.m. rush hour traffic. I ran into road construction and delays at every turn. Okay, I confess. The real problem started when I left the house late and tried to make up the time by dodging streets with stop lights and traffic.  The rushing and the stress taught me a lesson. The moral of the story is: When you promise to bring snacks and beverages to an event, buy them the night before. Despite the hard lessons learned, why do we insist on taking the short-cut? This guy has a point:

Something in us strives to beat the system, to do things faster, better, sooner than ordinarily possible. We want the easy, trouble-free route without all of the twists and turns associated with growth and learning.  Instinctively, we want to skip the hassles and the hard work. Deep down, we know the real formula for going where we need to go, doing what we need to do and being who we need to be. Everybody has a formula or motto for life, what’s yours?            

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