Friday, November 30, 2012


What kind of cuteness do we have here?

We don’t often see a pony and a zebra 1.) hanging out together and 2.) trotting down Main St. USA.  According to news reports, the two animals shared a pen. When the caretaker left the gate open and turned his back, the chums seized the opportunity to slip out. I can imagine their conversation:
Zebra: We’re free! Where do ya want to go?
Pony:   I know a little place down the road that sells top-notch barley ice cream.
Zebra: Giddy-up, bud! I’m right behind ya!

If a zebra and a pony can share a friendship, why can’t an amicable relationship develop between democrats and republicans? I hear a lot of discussion about a “fiscal cliff.” If politicians would hunker down and negotiate a plan, we might avoid falling over the edge.  After they solidify a deal, maybe the president will take everyone out for ice cream. I hope they hurry back to work because the government still has a boatload of problems to solve.

How about giving our elected officials a hand? Every little bit helps. What one thing could we, as individuals and members of a community, do to get the country on the right track?       

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