Friday, December 7, 2012

The Hogzillian Problem

Cable shows draw me in like a magnet. They broadcast stories about people with unusual habits and lifestyles, cooking shows, home shows, history shows, crazy animal tales, and much more.  If you like interesting animal shows, try to catch Hogzilla the next time it airs.

About eight years ago, rumors of an enormous hog living in the back woods circulated among folks in Georgia. One day a hunter shot and killed the legendary wild hog that measured over seven feet long and weighed nearly eight hundred pounds. That’s a lot of bacon! Anyhow, the episode told me all I needed to know about pigs, which is why I enjoy these shows!    
If farm-raised pigs escape into the wild, within weeks they revert to their wild nature and often attack without provocation. Their voracious appetites annoy farmers because the pigs devour huge quantities of crops. I also learned that pigs continue to grow as long as they have enough food—hence Hogzilla. Down south, farmers struggle to control the wild hog population and the problems the animals cause.    
Everyday we face a variety of problems ranging from worries over the hogzillian national debt to decisions about what to buy family members for Christmas. Here’s a guy who understands something about problems:

The song is a reality check that helps keep our focus on real problems. What’s the biggest problem you’ve faced and how was it resolved?     

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