Saturday, December 29, 2012

Giving It Away

Have you ever received a Christmas present that went into the “regifting” pile?  I’m pleased with everything I got this year, but if I get a gift that’s not my style, sometimes I tuck the unwanted item away in a drawer. In about three years, after my personal tastes have changed, I’ll rediscover that gift and love it.

When buying gifts for friends and family, I select ones that would make perfect gifts for me. One of my friends often gets earrings for her birthday or Christmas. The problem is that when she wears them, a little voice in the back of my mind whispers, “Give them back!” (That’s a joke.) The little voice really says, “Aw, why didn’t you buy yourself a pair?” Here are a few gifts nobody expected to receive.

 There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about these gifts.  In fact, they came wrapped with a few not-so-subtle, insulting messages. Don’t we all enjoy giving presents that people like and appreciate? Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that good feeling has to end. Now is a great time to donate to a needy family or charity.  Who will receive your donation today?       

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