Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Light in Your House

Why did lighthouses come up a recent conversation with my spouse? I forget what led to the topic, but afterwards I started thinking about the solitary lighthouses that stand out in the bay guiding sailors away from dangerous rocky shores. It’s unnerving to learn that lighthouse keepers have survived massive hurricanes while tucked inside the towers. In times past, it took three keepers to run the lighthouse so that a light always remained visible to passing boats. Often two or three families lived in the tower at the same time. Lighthouse keepers only left the tower for brief periods and passed time by playing board games, cards and reading. The keeper’s responsibilities also included repairing and painting the lighthouse, particularly if it received damage from a storm.

 If you click here, you’ll see incredible pictures of waves crashing against lighthouses, pounding at their foundations. It’s amazing that engineers could build structures strong enough to withstand nature’s fury. Here’s a video about a young man who faced his own storm:

Where do you get the strength to push through difficult circumstances?  

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