Friday, November 9, 2012

Closing the Great Divide

The leaves took forever to change color and fall off the trees this year, so I colorized our surroundings by plopping a little mum in the yard. At first the plant stood straight and tall, but after suffering a brief assault from Hurricane Sandy’s wind and rain, half of the flower’s stems slouched sideways causing a split right down the plant’s middle.

Does this description sound like a metaphor for the country’s condition? As our battle-weary candidates awaited polling results, pundits debated about how voter choices underscored our nation’s political split. In the ballrooms where the term “haves and have-nots” took on new meaning, reporters captured the contrast between the party supporters’ expressions. While the haves celebrated and shouted for joy, the have-nots shed tears of disappointment and disbelief. In anticipation of a new presidential term, let’s put divisions behind us and focus on unity and cooperation. Take a look at how these people march to the same beat:


It is possible to work together, even when it feels like we’re going in opposite directions. How does the country reconcile and move forward? Who or what will stand in the gap to close the great divide(s) that threaten our society?                       

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