Friday, March 2, 2012

Wrap it Up

Have you encountered product lock-down? It occurs when you purchase a product, take it home and discover that the manufacturer played a bad joke on you by packaging the product so securely that you can’t open it. The worst packages require the use of tools, bare hands just won’t do.

Buy a child’s toy and you’ll struggle with the fused plastics that companies use to hermetically seal in their trucks and dolls. Those plastic edges are dangerous!  The packages ought to come with warnings because there’s a strong possibility you’ll emerge from the ordeal bruised and bloodied. Opening jars can be difficult, too. Why does it take the strength of four hands or warm water trickled over a lid to open a jar?  Earlier this week I almost strained a muscle trying to open a package of crackers. Some things should not be.

Here’s my solution to the problem: manufacturers should package everything in bubble wrap.  It’s easy to open, keeps products safe, has multiple uses and provides unlimited entertainment.  Do you need proof of bubble wrap’s popularity? Someone chose January 31 as National Bubble Wrap Day and if you check on Facebook, you’ll see that a number of people think bubble wrap is awesome. It even has its own page. Go ahead, “friend” it, you know you want to. Check out something else that’s awesome:

I’m sure you already know many interesting ways to use bubble wrap. If you could bubble wrap something (or someone) precious in your life, who or what would it be and why?


the wordsmith said...

I'd bubble wrap the worship ministry group leaders at my assembly. They are precious.

Bethanie said...