Friday, March 16, 2012

Back from the Edge

Bravo to the horticulturists and garden enthusiasts who toil in the soil to cultivate beautiful annuals and perennials. I love flowers—the colors and the smells. I usually choose the independent kind. You know, the hardy plants that practically tell you when they need attention. A lack of water causes their leaves to droop and when it seems they won’t last another day, they surprise you by surviving for an entire week.  

Several months ago we bought a dried, shriveled up ball of brown stems called a dinosaur plant. It was a great kid’s birthday gift because even drastic dehydration couldn't make the plant look worse. According to the directions, as soon as the dinosaur plant received water it would snap back to life. You could let it shrivel up and revive it repeatedly, just by adding water. Now that’s my kind of plant! There’s something extra special about second chances. Listen to one man’s story:

If you’ve received a second chance, a do-over, then the million dollar question is: did it change you and how did it change your life?


the wordsmith said...

This was a toughie. My initial gut response was to talk about my conversion. I think salvation is the greatest second change anyone will ever have. As I thought further I was overwhelmed with the number of do-overs I've been given. Just yesterday for example: I'm on my way home from church (early afternoon because I attended both services) and I called my wife to ask if she needed anything from the store. During the conversation she informs me that our niece's two little boys are at the house. She wanted to give my niece and her husband a break. Here's something you have to know to appreciate this story: one of my favorite times in the week is a quiet, relaxing Sunday afternoon at home after church (especially when I've attended both services). On the ride home I decided that I would loving ask my wife to limit her babysitting to any time other than Sunday afternoons. After I thought about it I was prompted to say nothing and use the time to provide a Godly man-presence to these two children. In my mind that's a do-over. I've had a million of them. One alone may not change my life drastically, but the cumulative effect has been positive.

Bethanie said...

Isn't that the beauty of it? At any given moment we have the option to change how we operate, to do things differently and better. Bravo to you for putting the little people first and thanks for posting!