Friday, March 9, 2012

The Tea and Coffee Debates

Regardless of which side you choose, I feel both parties deserve equal representation. Why does one side receive major media attention while the other is a blip on the scene.  Businesses play a major role in advancing this brand of favoritism because of where they spend their money. This isn’t about politics, it’s about beverages and society’s obvious preference for coffee over tea.

Companies actually redesign their product lines and buildings to offer a latte this and latte that rather than focusing on the green, white, chamomile, black, fruity, mint and the other delicious herbal teas. How often do you see commercials advertising tea? Not very often. Although I drink both, I tend to believe that tea is healthier than coffee since many teas contain antioxidants and assist the body in fighting everything from high blood pressure to cancer. So, given that we’re such a health conscious society, why does tea seem to play second fiddle to coffee?

Let’s consider a theory that points back to us. Don’t we reach for coffee to rev us up and put pep in our step? Coffee reflects our fast-paced lifestyle and our need for immediate gratification. We smell coffee long before we see it, its flavor is bold and robust and it gives us the quick energy jolt we seek. On the other hand, we associate tea with illness and it’s the drink of choice when we’re feeling reflective and slowing-down to savor a moment. Listen to how these people feel about tea and coffee:

Aha, see there? I imagine they went a little deeper than you expected. I think the coffee vs. tea debate is a comment on our lifestyles. We live in a don’t-make-me-wait-‘cause- I-gotta-go-out-and-get culture. Settle down, enjoy a cup of tea. They say good things come to those who wait, I say anticipation is part of the journey. Tell us, who or what are you waiting for?                               


the wordsmith said...

I like to think of myself as a patient person. I have to admit though that I do have my moments. I don't like waiting in line to eat at wedding receptions or repasts. Weird, huh? I do not however mind waiting in line to buy food at the supermarket. Weirder still, huh? As to the tea vs coffee debate, I'm not a zealot on either side. I drink the occasional cup of coffee That's because of Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica. I wasn't a coffee drinker at all before the lead pastor at our assembly brought back a burlap sack of Blue Mountain when he returned from a trip to the island. I tried it. I liked it. It's so mellow you can drink it black. We try to keep a supply on hand at the church. (Beth, you'll never find it). As to tea, my favorite is Earl Grey. I saw Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise walk up to the food replicator and say "Earl Grey, hot, with lemon." He had me at Earl Grey. I really don't mind the time it takes to steep a cup of tea. I do however have some steam dried Earl Grey. It comes in a powder form which dissolves in hot water. Lastly, here's what I'm waiting for: the release of a new Star Trek movie.

Bethanie said...

As for the Blue Mountain--found it! Ha, just joking, but now I'm curious. I bet Harriet knows.

Do you think more men are inclined to drink tea now as a response to our harried pace of life?