Friday, March 30, 2012

An Unusual Burger

By now, you’re probably familiar with the controversy surrounding the contents of our nation’s beef supply and the issue of meat additives. Meat processors vigorously defend the use of “lean trimmings” while their critics continue to rail against including “pink slime” in the ground beef meat mix.  

I’m still uncertain about who’s right, perhaps both sides have a case. What if adding “lean trimmings”/ “pink slime” to our ground beef simply sounds unappetizing, but not harmful? If that’s true, should loud objections disrupt beef processing and normal protocol at meat packing plants? They did.

Our daily food choices seem more cautious and conservative compared to folks abroad. See if you can imagine eating this:

If you decide to avoid meat that contains lean, finely textured beef additives, maybe you’ll try ice cream on those empty buns. Sometimes the most ordinary or the most unusual ideas become the year’s hottest, new trends.  If you were to (re)start a trend based on something you already do, what would it be?             

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