Saturday, February 25, 2012

Name Your Revolution

Do you feel like we’re living in the midst of several revolutions? Listen to the news. Everyone’s revolting against a social issue, an economic program or a political party. People in Middle Eastern countries rally for new governments and in America we have Occupy (name your city). We haven’t seen this much unrest since the flower children of the sixties when they turned on, tuned in and dropped out and let’s not forget the marches and sit-ins that followed. Change is a popular, everybody wants it.   

During my college years, almost every spring our student body found an issue to protest. Like clockwork a group would rise up with a cause to champion and then out would come the tents, signs and large collections of demonstrators blocking pathways and chaining classroom building doors. It certainly kept things interesting. I guess we should expect that kind of behavior from a group of determined thought-leaders bent on impacting the college and the culture.

I bet we all think the world would be a better place if everyone shared our views. Check out this video and see if you agree with these suggestions on how to improve the world.

Sometimes a non-peaceful uprising is necessary to improve a social or political situation, but not always. Step one involves standing up for something you believe in. One person can make a huge impact on the world. Find the courage to introduce an issue and go for it! What do you have a passion to change? What’s the name of your peaceful  revolution?  


the wordsmith said...

My peaceful revolution would be called, "Let's all get to church and be in our seats ready to worship 15 minutes before the service starts."

Bethanie said...

That's hilarious and a looonngg title!