Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fire Power

I’m a chicken. Here ’s why:  I love it when we warm up the house with a blazing fire inside the fireplace on wintry days, but I pass on lighting them. So, when I say we, I actually mean my husband.  I’ll add logs to keep the fire burning but as for starting a hot, three-hundred degree house-warmer from scratch—not me.

Fire mesmerizes some people to the point that they’re drawn to it. You probably know people who hold their fingers over the flame to see how close they can get without injuring themselves (is that you?). Others stick their fingers directly into flames to see if they can pass through the fire and not get burned. Do they do it for the thrill?        

Fire is a powerful element. You’ve heard stories about how fires can smolder undetected for awhile and suddenly re-ignite or how flames can leap across roads. Fire can do weird things. I’m sure many firemen have harrowing stories about flash overs and back drafts.  Fire captivates people with its flickering red and orange flames, and the volcano is the ultimate demonstration of fire’s power in nature. Take a look:

After taking that kind of risk, that guy gives the saying “to the edge and back” a new perspective. Regardless of whether or not fire intrigues you, you have to respect its power.  Our society relishes power; either we seek it for ourselves or we’re fascinated by those who do.  Whose power or what kind of power fascinates you?


Thewordman said...

The kind of power that fascinates me is the power that was unleashed through Peter when he took a lame man by the hand and he (the lame man) was able to walk. I am awed when God's power manifests itself- not just in healing and miracles, but in all the fruit of the Spirit. Love in the midst of hate... joy in the midst of sorrow, peace in the midst of conflict... you get the idea.

Bethanie said...

Love in the midst of hate... joy in the midst of sorrow and peace in the midst of conflict profoundly changes people and circumstances.