Friday, January 27, 2012

A Braver New World

I’m going. No, wait. Turn back! Go now. Freeze! That’s squirrel-thought. You’ve seen them, those cute,  bushy-tailed creatures that waiver between coming and going in the center of the street, paralyzed in the face of danger. What are they thinking? Why don’t they just keep going?
They’re not unlike us sometimes. Fear can paralyze us when we need to make big decisions, tackle the unknown or try a potentially dangerous endeavor. What motivates a squirrel to risk life and limb to want to cross the road?  
Speaking of mammals, what about those Navy SEALs? If you read the news, you know how our military elite accomplished at least two dangerous assignments during the last several months. Their training involves grueling calisthenics, strength exercises and underwater feats designed to push a solider past the fear factor and the limits of ordinary people. What drives a person to want Navy SEAL status and what can we learn from their incredible efforts? Have a listen:

Are you fired up yet? I know there are dreams you’ve placed on the back burner. Maybe now’s the time to go for them! Reaching your goals will take commitment, confidence, mental toughness, support from your inner circle, and a solid plan. Be brave, the world is your oyster! What ultimate dream do you want to achieve?   

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