Friday, January 13, 2012

Quirky, Functional or Fancy-Schmancy?

You never want to exit an establishment’s restroom and think, “Yikes and yuck!” Some businesses understand the value of providing a completely positive experience and some don’t. In all fairness to businesses, an unexpected spike in customer activity or one sloppy patron is all it takes to ruin a restroom visit.
The kids at our house rate public restrooms. According to their system, the highest rated ones usually include several touchless features. If the restroom contains automatic-everything, including a door that pushes out so you can avoid touching the handle, well, that room could easily rate an eight or higher. Of course, tasteful décor and cleanliness boost ratings, too. Some establishments put as much thought into designing the restroom as they put into the rest of the facility. Take a peek at a few award-winners:

Who ever thought a restroom could win a contest? Restrooms like the one in the Shoji Tabuchi Theater in Branson, MO don’t come cheap, perhaps it’s too lavish for your style. If restrooms reflected personalities, which type of restroom would reflect you—quirky and unusual, functional and utilitarian, or extravagant and fancy-schmancy? Why?   

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