Thursday, February 16, 2012

Found It?

We’ve been found. Not that were hiding or anything but about five years ago a cute little kitten showed up at our back door and the rest, as they say, is history. The surprise is that I NEVER thought that I would own a cat. Kids will do that to you. But, in defense of our pet, I have to say our cat is fun to have around and very similar to dog, in a good way.  She’s smart, she keeps us company and she half-fetches. “The half” means we throw the ball, she runs after it—and then we have to retrieve it ourselves to throw it again.

Last week our cat wriggled out of her collar. Instead of finding it in plain view like we usually do, it took us about three days to locate it. She had tucked the collar at the far end of our oldest child’s closet. What’s she trying to tell us?

 I suppose our kitty likes living with us. She’s a house cat so I don’t foresee her searching for another owner anytime soon.  She may not even realize that she lives a pretty comfortable life. She’s safe from cars and predators, has enough food and can enjoy several cozy sleeping spots. But sometimes I wonder if she longs to prowl the neighborhood like the cats she watches from our window. It’s easy to believe that someone else’s situation is better than our own. How many of us feel content with our present circumstances?  Perhaps this U2 performance captures the attitude of our times: (lyrics)         

Can you relate to this song? Before we find something, we need to know what we’re seeking. What have you searched for? Are you still looking or have you found it?  


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