Saturday, February 11, 2012

At What Cost?

What’s the biggest, scariest bug you’ve ever seen? There are several countries I prefer not to visit because they grow their bugs large. One day I went to dump the trash out, but when I approached our entrance to go back inside, I saw it. On the front door hung a huge, scary bug essentially blocking my path and holding me hostage. Trapped! Once I finally summoned enough courage to move within a few feet of the door—I kid you not—the bug turned its head and looked at me. I could even see its eyes. My first thought was, “It’s watching me and it knows I’m here!” Creeeepppy!

During that time we were living in a big apartment complex.  I spotted a “neighbor” and signaled for at him to come over. I assumed he lived in the complex, too (there’s a lesson here somewhere). The man surveyed the situation.  I’m pretty sure he thought the bug was a biggie because when it moved, he jumped and he just didn’t tackle it with guns a-blazing like I had envisioned.  Did I feel slightly silly making a big deal over an insect and calling on a stranger for help? A little, but not so much after seeing this video:

Yes. That’s what trapped me outside—a preying mantis.  During a fight, they look like they’re strategizing, thinking and patiently waiting for right moment to attack. Don’t underestimate them. In this video, the snake underestimated the preying mantis and almost paid for it with its life.  Clearly, the preying mantis underestimated the snake’s determination to wiggle itself free. Who or what have you underestimated and at what cost?

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the wordsmith said...

Good question. I am thinking of a time when I underestimated the consequences of a decision I made. It was a bad decision which cost me the trust of someone I hold very dear. As to the video, I was rooting for the mantis. I don't like snakes. To be more specific, there are six kinds of snakes I don't like: big snakes and little snakes; male snakes and female snakes; live snakes and dead snakes.