Saturday, October 31, 2015

No Need to Fear?

I’m an avid supporter of the underdog, even when it comes to life on the Serengeti. I saw an animal show where five baboons chased down a baby gazelle. The babies aren’t much of a meal, but I guess food was scarce. The baboons played a gruesome game of Keep-Away, while the mother tried to rescue her baby. Finally, one of the baboons carried it up into tree. The mother stopped, looked around, and ran circles around the tree. Looking confused, she ran from one spot to the next, searching for the little gazelle. 

I felt like snatching the baby from the baboon’s mouth and handing over to its mother. But, there’s the other perspective. Maybe the baboons were close to starving. Life is hard for both sides. Consider another scenario. Who would you cheer for in this match up? 

Although the lions’ faces made me feel bad for them, I’m in favor of the men feeding their families.  Considering all the facts, the hunters did leave part of the kill for the lions, and they get loads of bonus points for their bravery. Kudos to the first guy who decided to use that hunting technique. In the presidential run-offs and elections, what key, underlying factors determine who you support?       

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