Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tell Us What You Think

It seems like stores want our feedback on everything we buy. When they send us online surveys immediately after our purchases, it’s like going on a first date and being invited out for a second date before the first date begins. After buying an item, we need to wash, wear, and live with it for a while so we can give accurate feedback on our experience.

As a former market researcher, I recognize the risks of a slanted survey. For example, I saw one customer satisfaction questionnaire that offered two possible ratings—good or very good. That’s not a legitimate survey. In fact, it crosses the line. Customers want their views valued, not manipulated. 

I don’t mind completing good surveys, but I do prefer to skip the rambling and repetitive ones. Checking off a lot of little boxes and filling out boring forms is no fun. A focus group is a whole different situation, especially when you toss in a couple of celebrities. Have a look:  



What major cultural issues do you want addressed and with which influential person do you want to voice your concerns and opinions?

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