Friday, October 23, 2015

Hijack the Future

This week’s beautiful weather almost made us forget what the future holds. Ignoring the red and orange leaves, the high temperatures nearly convinced us to anticipate a second summer. But, we know the truth, right? Get ready to smile if you enjoy cold weather because, based on normal patterns, winter is on the way. No doubt about it. Or is there?

In addition to the cultural and political turmoil, the weather’s turning chaotic, too. Think about the monster hurricanes, record heat, and unprecedented snow accumulations we’ve seen. Forecasters think they can predict the weather until this happens:


Given the unexpected news stories, the future is as unpredictable as ever. One of the best ways to impact the future is to manage the present. If we want to see ourselves at a specific place in the future (call it point C), we need to be prepared to execute points A and B. What steps can you take now to impact your future?               

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