Saturday, October 3, 2015

Controlling the Country

Wind and rain are two of our most powerful elements. Based on past hurricane seasons, we’re familiar with the destruction they cause. Scientists discover and invent so many incredible things, why can’t they control the weather? Maybe they can. See:

For a fee, one company offers weather–modifications, claiming to give you clear weather. Cloud-seeding enables them to cause rain the day before your special outdoor event, leaving you with sunny skies the next day for a wedding ceremony or company golf outing. We’re closer to manipulating the weather than ever, and we’re making progress in other areas, too. Take a look:  


Fascinating, huh? Oh sure, those experimental findings seem beneficial—until scientists use their powers for evil. Some of our greatest books describe what happens when others control what we think, believe, and how we behave. If you had mind-controlling powers, what thought would you implant in everybody’s mind?              

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