Saturday, September 26, 2015

Time for Class

I glanced in our backyard and discovered a deer staring toward the street, and I could tell by the expression on its face it was calculating the odds of making it to the other side. Before I could stop it, the deer sped off toward danger. I ran to the front window to see if it would survive.

It probably sensed my concern because instead of crossing the street, it headed down the block. Frightened by cars whizzing by, the deer panicked, dashed across the street and lunged into the bushes. Seconds later, it leaped from the shrubs with a branch lodged between its antlers, turned, and galloped into thicker woods.

Too bad deer can’t take street-crossing classes. If that sounds absurd, take a look at some of the incredible classes our schools offer: 


It’s good marketing when teachers use popular class titles to attract students, but it’s a waste of money when the classes lack any real value. In your opinion, what type of class should everyone take?        

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