Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Chain Saw Reaction

Would you play an extra in a scary movie? Early one morning while driving through the city, I spotted a tall, muscular man walking down the street. Judging by his stride, he intended to arrive at work on time. Based on his tool belt and work boots, I assumed he worked in the construction industry. Here’s the interesting part: he carried a chain saw. It looked like the scene from a scary movie, but there were no movie cameras in sight.  

I didn’t call the police. Maybe the man borrowed the chain saw from work to repair a project at home. Maybe his job required him to bring in his own tools. He should have hidden that tool in a bag. You can be the best construction worker in the world, but when you walk down the street with a chainsaw, it’s not a good first impression. Check out these impressions:


One expert said first impressions are formed in seven seconds. They say perception is reality, and once established, “reality” can be difficult to change. Is the first impression you give consistent with how you want people to see you?        

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