Friday, September 18, 2015

Words Have Power

After pulling into a pay-for-parking lot, the attendant asked for my license plate number. I recited the first three letter/numbers and couldn’t remember the rest, so I quickly added, “something, something, something.” I guess the attendant wanted more details because he decided to read my plate for himself. I bet most people can’t recall what’s on their license plate—or am I the only one? 

Of course, personalized plates are easy to remember. Think about the strange descriptions you’ve seen on vanity license plates. People use the space to describe themselves, their pets, their hobbies, and other surprising activities. Many times, no one—except the owner—can read the seven-character message. Try to guess what these people had in mind: 


Maybe people don’t care whether other drivers understand their vanity plates. Still, it seems like a great spot to broadcast your views. If you could create a free vanity license plate, what public statement would you make?        

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