Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Reawakening

Welcome to the season when hibernating creatures reappear. A family member spotted this warning on a hotel door up north: watch out for bears in the parking lot. So that means forget about hiking for now. After such a brutal winter, promise you won’t complain about bears or the drenching spring rain showers, and I’ll try not to complain about the newly-awakened creepy crawlers. Here’s the important the question on everyone’s mind (or maybe it’s only on mine): Will our snowy winter guarantee fewer insects this spring? Bug experts say it’s a mixed bag, depending on the species. Overall, bugs have lots of ways to adapt to harsh temperatures so we shouldn’t expect unusually low numbers. That’s fine, as long as we don’t get these:


Spring brings bears, and apparently bug swarms. As you can see, this man has a bit of a problem. On the bright side, experts say the boxelder bugs should disappear within a few weeks. Despite these types of challenges, the season still gives us a lot to appreciate. As we bask in nature’s beautiful reawakening, which aspects of spring are you grateful for?          


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