Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Hiker’s Journey

Are you a hiker? Our immediate family doesn’t hike, although we did walk around the block a few times last year. Earlier this week I heard comments that prove we’re not hiker-types. One child stated how hiking generally lacked a competitive element and our other child didn’t see the point because there’s no score. Sure, you could add a point system and race to the top of a mountain, but that kind of defeats the purpose.

Does the fresh air, the challenging terrain, and wildlife motivate you to tackle the trails? If I were to hike, I’d do it for the incredible views. Have a look:


Sign me up! I wouldn’t mind lacing up a pair of hiking boots and trekking through the wilderness to experience  the gorgeous landscape in New Zealand. We’re so busy multi-teching (my word for multi-tasking with technology), and rushing in a dozen different directions that we can forget how to appreciate the “minor” moments. Which past, present, or future journey would you like to learn to appreciate?      


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