Friday, March 7, 2014

The Best Wash

Raise your hand if you need a car wash. It’s one of my least favorite ways to spend money. Oh sure, I could hand wash my vehicle, but car washes are so darn relaxing. Swish, swish, swish, I can hear it now. There’s something soothing about the big brushes and spongy flaps sliding across the windshield, and who doesn’t enjoy the few moments of peace and relative quiet. Too bad it only lasts about five minutes. Somebody should design a car wash that, once you reach the end, goes in reverse to prolong the experience. Watch how this business takes car washes to a different level:  


There’s nothing relaxing about that—unless you’re hypnotized by lasers. Well, we’ve discussed the car’s exterior. What about the inside? Take a look at your car’s floor, backseats, and dashboard, and don’t forget the trunk—who knows what’s lurking in there (last week I found a tiny container of old blueberries in mine). I find it much easier to clean up a vehicle’s outside than its inside, and the same holds true for us. Spring’s not far off. Soon we’ll be focused on our appearance in beach attire, but what about our insides? What’s the best internal change you’ll tackle to create a new you?

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