Friday, March 14, 2014

Fact vs. Fiction?

A pair of glassy eyes studied me. No need to feel intimidated just because it’s the bustling city, right?  I stared back from the security of my car.  In the end, I won the stare down contest and the little squirrel scampered away. How interesting that once I spotted the critter watching me, I assumed it had horrible plans to chase me up the street. The citified squirrel probably came in contact with people more often than its skittish suburban relatives, hence its lack of fear toward humans. It probably just wanted a handful of nuts. How often do you jump to conclusions before weighing the evidence? What do you think about this scene?

Someone from the video commented about how the squirrel was a juvenile and may have lost its parents. Does that change your perception of the squirrel’s behavior? Maybe the little guy simply wanted to move indoors for warm shelter and gentle belly rubs here and there. We can’t take everything we see and hear as gospel. How do you filter information to ferret out the truth? 

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