Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Pursuit of Healthy

Do you start the day with coffee from either Starbucks, WaWa, or Dunkin’ Donuts, or do you prefer a cold cola? Some people feel sluggish until they jumpstart the day with a caffeinated beverage.  Many of the products we consume on a daily basis contain addictive chemicals.  During a conversation with one of our kids, I mentioned that cigarettes contain nicotine, and how the substance keeps you coming back for more. I laughed when one of them said, ”Oh, that must be what’s in banana bread.”  I doubt it contains nicotine, but over the past several months we’ve eaten a lot of banana bread. One of our kids bakes at least one or two loaves per month and we eat it in less than two days. Blame it on the sugar! Let’s see what too much sugar does to our bodies:             


 A visual demonstration sticks in your mind much longer than a lengthy medical explanation.  After seeing how sugar changes the blood, I plan—one step at a time—to decrease my sugar consumption. Instead of drinking sweetened ice tea for lunch, maybe I’ll choose water. Let’s flip the script. Rather than wrestle over giving up unhealthy things, what good thing do you wish you were even more passionate about?

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