Saturday, April 19, 2014

Free Greeting Cards

Several years ago a friend gave me a birthday greeting card. The envelope lacked a name and the card had no signature. This seemed odd, but my friend assured me that it was no accident. She described how often people read cards, display or frame them, and eventually stuff them in a drawer, or (gasp) in the trash. I suppose her plan had triple benefits.  She recognized my birthday, gave me a gift to use in the future, and provided a good laugh. Kind of quirky, yet it made sense. What would you say if someone gave you a blank greeting card?  What if you received one like this?     

I can see this greeting card generating fifty different reactions—some positive, some not. I’m okay with cats, but I almost groaned when the kitties paused and then meowed some more. Somewhere, somebody wants that card. It just goes to show that whatever you enjoy, someone else is bound to dislike it—and that’s okay. What do you love that seems unpopular?

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