Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dropping In, But Not Out

By now, the cold, wet, freezing weather helped introduce you to at least one of these dreaded things. Those insidious, little destroyers lurk where you least expect them ready to disrupt your vehicle, your day, and your mood. When you’re zooming along, thinking all’s well—bam! A pothole attacks! What’s worse than a pothole? Maybe it’s this, and be glad you’re not him:

And you thought these situations only appeared in adventure stories. As you can see, it’s real and getting stuck is possible. People rarely have good things to say about getting stuck in holes. In fact, when someone complains about being in the hole, it often means they’re in debt. Again, not a good place to be. When you feel like you’re in a hole or a bad spot, what helps you wriggle free?      

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