Saturday, February 3, 2018

Not Impossible

You never know what you’ll see until you look around. I spotted an interesting sight in a parking lot after a car slid into the space beside me. The driver walked away and left a pet in the car. Most dogs wait for their owners by pacing around the car or standing on guard for intruders.

But, not this dog. It sat frozen in the passenger seat, staring straight ahead. It didn’t even stare at back like most dogs who silently beg for attention. I looked away, thinking how this large dog acted like a person. When I glanced back, the dog had vanished. Of course, it probably found something entertaining in the back of the vehicle because it certainly didn’t disappear. Hearing that something is impossible always challenges us think otherwise, like this:   

Sometimes we hear situations that seem unbelievable, stretch our imaginations, and break old assumptions. What did you think was impossible, but now see how the impossible might be possible?                   

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