Saturday, February 17, 2018

A New Wave of Therapy

After a good-sized snow storm, there’s something special about  shutting down normal life for a day or two. We can cozy up to a warm fire while watching television, listening to music, or reading. Our only interruptions should be for snacks and naps. I kept gazing out at the snow-covered trees; their collective limbs crisscrossed the sky while the midafternoon sun hid behind a cloudy, blue-gray canvas. Picture perfect! Doesn’t a natural scene slow your breathing and lower your blood pressure? Maybe that’s one of the reasons we visit places like this:

Tucked in Arizona’s wilderness, this site is difficult to locate, but once inside, the incredible swirly, hypnotic walls draw you in. We could wander around in the Wave for hours. If we’re fortunate enough not to get lost, it might be a therapeutic visit. Short of heading out to Arizona, how do you relax amidst the bustle of daily life?      

Reposted from Dec 2013     

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