Saturday, December 5, 2015

Who’s Your Trainer?

I joined a gym. My initial visit turned out well, or at least I thought it did until I told my family what I did. Judging by their puzzled looks and laughs, my workout routine “exceeded” their expectations.  
I used the normal equipment like weight machines, the treadmill, and the stationary bike. The overall program sounded fine, but I think my family had a problem with the execution. Apparently, experienced exercisers don’t do fifty reps per machine. Apparently, they use more weight and fewer reps. Apparently, I need a trainer to provide some guidance.

Given my recent gym experience, here’s my advice for workout newbies: be careful when you increase the treadmill’s speed, and don’t overlook the importance of the handrails, if you want stay on your feet. And, if you want to zoom past your workout goals, ask for help. Above all, don’t be this guy: 


At some point, we all need training about a certain part of life. In what area do you need guidance and from whom will you get it?  

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