Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Following

No one noticed that I wore one blue and one black sock this week. It wasn’t planned. That’s what happens when you get dressed in dim lighting. One time, after a busy morning, I accidentally wore mismatched shoes to an event. Again, no one noticed. In my own defense, both pairs of shoes were identical, except for the color. In college, I sported mismatched earring—on purpose. It was my attempt at unconventionality. Apparently, a well-known fashion magazine now calls it a new trend. Fashion is a weird thing. Sometimes what seems so different at first winds up becoming popular, like these:


Maybe you’ve seen these on the street. Don’t laugh. I heard they’re making a comeback, and before long you might own a pair, too. Once a group of high profile people latch on to a trend, we’re more likely to try it.

What trend did you decide not to follow, and still won’t?   

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