Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tools, Talent and Time

I have a talent for spotting tools—on the street. Not long ago, I saw a man strolling down the street carrying a chainsaw. The scene resembled something out of a horror movie. This week, I spotted a man crossing the street with a drill in his hand, holding it like a gun. Maybe it’s me, but if you need to transport a tool, put it inside a bag until you've arrived at your destination. Brace yourself when you see people using tools in unconventional places. Here’s an example: 


The manufacturer didn’t make the saw to spread salmonella. Tools, designed for particular purposes, belong in specific situations. Tools are like talents and gifts, they require proper care.

If you’re a singer, you develop your gift by enrolling in vocal classes to learn how to stay in tune. If you’re a serious singer, you protect your vocal cords from the cold with a scarf, and do exercises to warm them up before performing. Although you’ll find outstanding singers singing in subway tunnels, you don’t usually find them singing while roaming neighborhoods. That would be as peculiar as exposing a tool in the streets.   

There is a special gift tucked inside every one of us. When it’s time to unveil yours, who will it benefit?  

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