Saturday, January 11, 2014

Within the Sun’s Reach

Earlier this week we awakened to snow blanketing the ground. After days of rain, sleet, slippery streets, and melting, the snow is almost gone. While portions of lawns peek out beneath small mounds of snow, other areas remain bare. Attribute the difference to the sun shining here, and not there. It sounds mundane, but you might be amazed by what else the sun can do. Take a look:

Although I’ve read how the Northern Lights appear in Alaska, Iceland, Norway, and even in parts of the Midwestern United States, I’ve never reflected on the connection between the Lights and the sun’s solar flares. We’re more likely to envision the distant sun offering the warmth we crave in the winter and the intense heat we shun in the summer. The video showed how there’s more to the relationship than that. Solar flares stretching out from the sun resemble cosmic arms embracing the earth. The connection results in the exhilarating beauty displayed by the Northern Lights. Have you heard or experienced anything that seemed commonplace on the surface, but inspired you or melted your heart?       



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