Friday, January 17, 2014

Throwbacks, Flashbacks, and Old School

I’m old school, baby! How many times have you heard that saying? If it’s said with enough bravado, old school sounds cool. People often think old school means you’re behind the times, but it might mean that you do your own thing, or march to a different beat. Old school could also refer to someone who uses a typewriter, plays eight track tapes, owns an iPhone 4—or it might refer to this guy:          


Who knew a buffalo could plow fields? The animal cooperated like it understood just what to do and how to do it. At the end of planting season, the farmer must be exhausted—and healthy!  Buffalo plowing is several variations away from using oxen, horses, and tractors, and each method has its pros and cons. Sometimes the old way is the better way.

Maybe you’re old school, too. What do you prefer to do that seems contrary to the prevailing ideas and habits of today’s culture?  


caroline said...

IMHO Old school is a philosophy that honors proven and valuable practices. Using a bison to plow is earth-friendly, and the bison or "buffalo" is an American symbol that was nearly hunted into extinction. He is preserving part of our history and making environmentally responsible choices. It is not that old school necessarily eschews new technology, but may not embrace it simply because it is faster and "new". In the rush to get the latest edition of whatever is cranked off in this light-speed world, old school does not forget the value of hard work, social responsibility, or the commitment to doing the job right without shortcuts. Interesting question...I frequently think about what "old school" means because of our company name, and realize it has many interpretations. Thanks, caroline

Bethanie said...

Good points. It's great to be able to still wear those wonderful "old school" tees. Thanks for commenting, Caroliine!