Thursday, January 2, 2014

Footprints in the Snow

What’s lurking around the corner? The last time it snowed, I spotted a number of tiny footprints dotting our driveway. I can’t tell which animals visited us during the night; one set of prints looked like they belonged to a small mammal, perhaps a fox? We can usually tell when a skunk’s visited, for some reason they feel the need to leave a stinky calling card. Since we seem to live along Deer Crossing Highway, I’m surprised I didn’t see deer tracks from a passing herd.

Did I mention the collision I witnessed? A deer charged across the street and ran smack-dab into a passing car. I’ll spare you the details, not a pretty sight. The interesting point is that two deer were paling around. Both got spooked; one ran away from the street and the other ran into it. The rest is history, a brutally short history for one of them. Be careful who you follow.  Here’s more insight:         
What a great thought for the week. As we end one year and look forward to setting new goals for the next year, it’s worthwhile to reflect on what’s worked well in the past and what we can do better to improve on in the future. What will get you to your destination? As you consider how you’ll reach your goals for the year, it’s good to have a plan. Whose footsteps might you follow?


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