Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's The Weather?

Oh, it’s not that cold outside. That’s what I thought a few days ago, and I had to laugh. When does twenty-two degrees feel comfortable? Answer: when you’re used to the daytime temperatures hovering around the single digits, with below zero wind chill factors. You know there’s an arctic freeze in town when veteran Chicagoans close schools for two days. Brrr! The past two mild winters failed to prepare us for frequent visits from polar vortexes, but nothing on earth compares to these temperature fluctuations:


We can forget how much we need and depend on the sun. Someone stated that if we’re floating in space where the sun shines, we would feel boiling temperatures. If we’re on the dark side of earth, well, that’s where we’d turn into human icicles. Does it make you feel better to hear spring arrives in less than eight weeks? I suspect we’re all anticipating warmer days when we can bask in the sun. How will you celebrate?


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