Friday, March 4, 2011

The Past vs. the Present

I might be dating myself, but children’s TV shows have certainly changed through the years.  I bet today’s kids couldn’t sit still for ten minutes to watch the shows that I watched as a child.  My favorite shows from the past now seem simplistic and subdued compared to today’s TV programs.  For instance, do you remember the hypnotic Gene London Show?  It came on television decades ago.  A kid could really relax with that kind of entertainment.  Gene London narrated the stories and I watched with bated breath as he sketched the illustrations right before my eyes.  Here’s a clip of the enchanting world he created:

Fast forward to 2011.  One of the TV shows that surprises me is Yo Gabba Gabba, especially the singing,  the lyrics, the costumed creatures, the human characters— the whole shebang!  What a difference several decades makes.  If you’ve yet to see the show—think energetic, English-speaking Teletubbies, with a be-good-and-have-fun message.  Apparently, lots of folks appreciate the show’s colorful costumes, catchy lyrics and lessons about caring and sharing.  I can’t argue with the appeal of that combination.  So, is Yo Gabba Gabba the new Sesame Street?  Ask me again in twenty years.   I think longevity is one indicator of a great television show.  Can this one last?  Take a look at a portion of Yo Gabba Gabba and decide for yourself:             

What’s a Gabba Gabba, anyhow?    

The real question is:  What’s your favorite childhood television show and why?  


Anonymous said...

"Sesame Street" is still my favorite--hands down, though I don't remember watching it as a kid (was it on then? in the 1960s??). I watched it while doing child care 20 years ago. Can't say I ever heard of Gene London, but I liked the clip. The Gabba Gabba clip was very annoying! But I'm hoping my CAT got the message!

Bethanie said...

I agree Sesame Street is a good one. I think one of mine might be The Electric Company. You have to admit that "Don't Bite your Friends" is catchy!

ccharnosky said...

"Catchy" is one word for it!