Monday, March 21, 2011

Houston, We Have a Problem

Seriously, we have a problem.  Track with me for a moment.  Do you think we’re out of control with our cell phone usage?  I think that once we combine walking, with texting and falling into fountains, we’ve gone over the edge—literally.
Now, I’m not the most tech savvy person.  I don’t own a smartphone and, I admit that frugality plays a role here but, those data plans just add more expense than I’m prepared to shell out.  I’m not trapped in the dark ages—l  can text and take and make phone calls.  I rarely use the camera, alarm or calendar.  I like paper and pencil so my event planner is a wall calendar.  (Did you just snicker?)  In short, my phone is devoid of the ultra-sophisticated Internet and Apps, and I am probably the last of the pencil-and-paper breed.
 It’s sad to see people use every waking opportunity to entertain themselves with a cell phone.  An occasional call is fine, but when over half of the time is spent on the phone while a child ambles silently alongside— it’s time to hang up.  I’m guilty of it, too!
Technology can be great when used in moderation.  That’s the key.  Let’s  make a resolution to do better and the first step is to admit there is an issue.  Thinking about your daily cell phone usage,  respond to the sidebar survey question.  By the way, if you need a definition for “out of control,” just go ahead and check “Definitely! Send help!”  
Remember our drive-the-speed limit challenge?  (See Feb. 21, 2011 Post: Is Change A Comin’? )Well,  here comes another one. Ready?  Can you refrain from non-emergency/non-essential phone usage for one week? That means no games, surfing the Net or here’s-what-I’m-doing-now tweets.  Calls to friends are fine, as long as you’re not in a store or with another person.  
 Embrace the silence, think or chat face-to-face (not  Facebook!) with the person next to you. Initially, it may feel awkward but I promise that you won’t go crazy, unless…nevermind.   You can do it! Let us know how it goes.        


Anonymous said...

I am addicted to using my phone for email and internet, though not for calls! Oh well, I'm halfway there??

Anonymous said...

Okay--I just turned off and blocked "data" on my cell phone!! I was addicted!! Thanks Bethanie for showing me that I couldn't control myself, and face it, none of us are THAT important that we have to have access to email 24/7--even in the middle of the night! (okay, maybe Obama IS that important, but not most of us!)

Bethanie said...

Good for you, Anonymous! I'm glad that the post helped.